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24th January 2019

Located in the woods outside of Pripyat, the bakery is a rarely visited by tourists as it’s not included in the routes. The remote building hasn’t been looted as badly…

16th December 2018

Even in the age of cameras, drones and wireless communication, nothing beats a skilled eye watching over the vast forests of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone!      

3rd December 2018

Crimean War Memorial Park is located on the eastern outskirts of Chernobyl City. After the Chernobyl Disaster few new monuments were built on its grounds to commemorate the victims and…

9th May 2018

Canteen and Shops (Фабрика-кухня) building located on Lesi Ukrainki street in Pripyat. Close proximity to the water treatment station suggests that it provided meals for its employees.   Visited in…

27th March 2018

Poliske town, located on the the outskirts on the Chernobyl Zone, was an administrative centre of Poliske district. It was evacuated following the Chernobyl accident and today the wind howls…

9th February 2017


26th January 2017


24th January 2017