Castlebridge Colliery: Offices

The Castlebridge Colliery was a part of the Longannet mine, the last operating coal mine in Scotland connecting three sites and forming a 5-miles long tunnel. Castlebridge site was closed in 2001 and after a brief period of time when it was protected by a security company and PIR sensors inside the building, got left on its own. Today most of the equipment is stripped out or destroyed by local kids messing around the place. During my first visit it was quiet and empty, with wind rattling window blinds and light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. On my second visit I stumbled across a smouldering room from a recent fire and some youths throwing stones at what’s left of the windows. The place had seen some fires before so it’s just a matter of time before it gets burned to the ground.

Some of the electrical equipment, transformers and cranes can be found on site and the archive room in main office building is full of old reports, staff notes and geological maps scattered on the floor. Private items and family photographs in the offices give the glimpse into daily life few decades ago and make you wonder how many people were simply made redundant and told to go home without much time to gather their belongings.

The highlight of the visit is the tower with winching equipment on the top and astonishing view from the roof. Miles of green fields and Ochil Hills can be seen from there.




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